I-4 AutoMall Project Approved by DeLand and Lake Helen: Moves to Full Development

November 9, 2018 ---- Legal battles between Central Florida cities of DeLand and Lake Helen surrounding the development of the I-4 AutoMall project, have reached a conclusion as both DeLand and Lake Helen completed final readings for approvals of annexations, and development of the project. Site work will commence immediately. After a five-year long land acquisition process, this is a tremendous step-forward for the developer and president of the project, Brendan Hurley. “The I-4 AutoMall will be a fantastic destination West Volusia will be proud of,” said Hurley. Lake Helen will also stand to benefit significantly from this project, as Lake Helen Mayor Daisy Raisler put it, “I believe Mr. Hurley's new prototype in the automobile dealership industry addresses some of our small town values in regards to key environmental concerns by using solar and water mitigation systems...We look forward to Mr. Hurley's success with this project as it also represents a much needed economic boost for our city.” Lake Helen Vice Mayor Vernon J. Burton also commented with, “We are excited to welcome the I-4 AutoMall into the community and to be involved with a project that will provide numerous new job opportunities in addition to considerably increasing the tax basis and potential of Lake Helen.” According to Lake Helen Commissioner Tom Wilson, “The development of the I-4 AutoMall is somewhat of a Godsend. The I-4 AutoMall will allow the city of Lake Helen to prosper for decades to come, better the lives of its residents and secure its children’s future.” Hurley thanked his legal team at Cobb Cole and the staff members at both cities for their hard work, perseverance and cooperation in bringing this epic project from the drawing board to reality. “This positive outcome would not have been possible without everyone's commitment”, stated Hurley. DeLand Mayor Robert F. Apgar reiterated DeLand’s commitment with, “We will continue to work with the city of Lake Helen and the developer to create a project that will be beneficial to our area.”

From left to right: Vice Mayor Vernon J. Burton, Mayor Daisy Raisler, Commissioner Tom Wilson, Brendan Hurley, Attorney Mark Watts, Commissioner Michael Woods, City Clerk Becky Witte. Photo taken Nov. 9, 2018 during Lake Helen Commission Regular Meeting.

The I-4 AutoMall is a new concept in vehicle shopping and will be located in Lake Helen, Florida adjacent to Interstate 4. The vertical design of the multiple dealership modules minimizes the amount of land used to store automobile inventory while also providing shoppers the opportunity to evaluate vehicles in a comfortable, indoor environment. With an emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship, the design team is evaluating the use of solar arrays to provide power for the facility, the capture and reuse of rainwater, and a geothermal system to minimize energy consumption and provide air conditioning. New technologies will be deployed to maximize building and employee efficiency, including sensor technology for inventory management, advanced AV systems, and a distribution center.

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