Meet the future that is

The I-4 AutoMall

More than just an auto dealership, the I-4 AutoMall will be a flourishing oasis, designed to be a one stop shop for families looking for their dream automobile, housing everything to assist in the experience from start to finish.


  • Gateway into DeLand and Lake Helen
  • Setting a "new standard" in commercial development
  • Respectful of adjacent neighbors and urban context
  • Balance between the built environment and nature
  • Modular design reinforces commercial ditrict while achieving pattern book philosophy
  • Centralized receiving & distribution allows enhanced neighbor / customer experience by keeping semi-trucks out of public areas and minimizes public road use 
  • Cohesive lighting and landscaping promote holistic non-threatening experience
  • Environmental benefits - shared on-site, solar mitigation and water requirements 
  • Vertical Design requires less acreage vs. traditional standalone dealerships
  • Auto dealership relocation offers opportunity to reposition and revitalize 17-92 Corridor & decrease semi-truck traffic intensity
  • Development will facilitate 4 lane expansion of Orange Camp Road
  • Positive Economic Impact - increased property tax revenue, sales tax revenue and will bring new jobs
  • New Prototype in Automobile Dealership Industry which will attract National Attention
  • Perforated metal envelope provides a beautiful facade, masking parking structures
  • High Profile facades transition into neighborhood friendly out parcels and entry
  • Entry over water creates premium feel and creatively uses required water runoff and retention
Balancing Small Town Values with Sustainable and Smart Growth
• High priority consideration given to achieve community support
• Out parcel designs inspired by adjacent residential developments
• Complimentary commercial zone
• Proposed gas/convenience store and restaurant highly desired by the community
• Restaurant offers opportunity to become an evening destination

The Construction

Learn more about the companies involved in the construction of the project.