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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

This technology will allow each dealership to manage and track every unit in inventory and to subsequently manage customer vehicles when they return to the service department.

  • New vehicles will have an RFID tag applied as they are stocked in and flagged in the system
  • The electronic key code is saved to the inventory record.

Micro-Electronic-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

Company assets can be tracked 24/7 in real time. To learn more about this technology, visit the MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange site.


These will compliment human security assets and provide surveillance to a monitoring station.


Green Technology


With 11 modules, each with 33,000 sq ft of roof in sunny Central Florida, solar power makes sense. Each dealership will have its own Tesla Powerpack to accept charge during the day from the roof top solar cells. Dealerships are not extremely power hungry operations and with LED lighting amongst other energy saving initiatives at the I-4 AutoMall, dealerships will see a 75% decrease in power bills.

Rainwater Harvesting

Each of the 11 modules will have roof structures designed to funnel rainwater through centrifugal filters into two, 10,000  gallon tanks. This water will be used for flushing toilets, fire suppression systems, and washing cars and floors. The excess water will flow to the on-site storm water pond, which itself will supply water to the irrigation systems. A further benefit of using rainwater for washing cars and windows is that it it naturally soft, requiring no power hungry (used twice), water treatment systems (softeners using reverse osmosis).

Water Recycling

Water used for washing cars will be captured, filtered and returned to ground floor tanks for reuse. These tanks will be replenished from the (ask for clarification) building tanks as they fill.


A closed loop pipe system will supply 67 degree water cooled underground beneath the storm water pond, to the air-conditioning chiller large scale, (needs revision) industrial systems can be efficiently deployed in a “mall enviorment” and will greatly decrease HVAC power consumption, especially in hot, summer months.

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